Uploading images for your game


You can upload images for your game in the creator companion site, here: There are two categories of images that you can upload – the regular images, shown in the “Temporary image storage” tab, and UI images, shown in the “My UI images” tab.

Regular images are those which can be used as promotional or supporting imagery for your game, such as the game card that players will see on the “Play” page, or the images you see in the details of a game when you select it in the “Play” page.

UI images are images which you can use in the UI (user interface) within your game. For example, you might have an icon for each team in your game that you want to display on the scoreboard, or an image to use as a painting in your in-game saloon.

Uploading images

Head over to the developer companion site linked above to upload images for your games. For regular images, use the “Upload” tab, and for UI images, use the “Upload UI Image” tab.

Make sure your images are less than 1mb in size, and they should be in jpg or png format. When you upload a new image, it will first need to be approved before you can use it in your game. This process should take less than 24 hours.

Any images you upload will appear in your images tab. You’ll see their approval status above – once the image is marked as “approved”, you will be able to use it for your game.

Note that for the regular images, there is a maximum limit of 6 images at a time on the “Temporary Image Storage” tab. These images become permanent when you use them, e.g. when you make them a game card or a promotional image. At this point, you are free to delete them from the temporary storage, and they will remain where they’ve been used.

For the UI images, you are free to upload as many of these as you like, and when approved they will become permanent.

Using images

You can use your approved images in the Create > Games section of the companion website: Select one of your games, and then use the tabs to select a cover image, or supporting images.

Using UI images

Once a UI image is approved, you will be able to use its URL to have it appear in your game. You can find this URL on the “My UI Images” tab. Copy this URL, and then you can paste it directly into Crayta in a widget, or into a script property that will pass it to a widget to be displayed. You can handle this yourself, through the widget HTML directly, or with a combination of widget and Lua code. Alternatively, you can use the Simple Image package, documented here –