Tutorials Landing Page

Beginner Tutorials

Learn the basics of getting started with Crayta and the basics of programming and designing your own games.

Quick Guides

The quick guides are video tutorials that aim to show you a quicker version of a larger tutorial within our series. Good if you need a refresher rather than full details.


Learn more about Crayta’s version of LUA and how to use the API to master your programming skills.

Art & Design

Learn about games design and how to use the tools such as the voxel editor and particles to create engaging worlds for your players to explore!

Packages & Templates

Learn about the concepts of packages and templates, these will allow you to share and re-use your creations.

Triggers & Events

Learn about how to setup triggers that can be used to allow your players to activate something when they walk into it. Then use events to communicate between different scripts and entities.


Learn more about how to use the starter games, features and existing packages to enhance your own creation and add game mechanics to add challenge to your game and provide a meaningful user experience.

Player Character

Learn about the player character, the camera system, and how to have them hold items and store them in an inventory.

Accessibility & Performance

Learn how to improve the experience for all your players by adding accessibility, language options and improving the games performance by optimisation.