Prize Funds

The content that our community creates within Crayta will be the lifeblood of the game, so we wanted to reward the most successful and popular titles that appear. To do that, we’ve launched two prize funds that offer more than $25,000 each month to these creators.

The first of these is our monthly Prize Fund, where we are offering 25 cash prizes shared amongst the top games (total $10,000 a month) and the top new games (total $15,000) each month.

In addition, we have established a Black Creators’ Prize Fund and Mentoring Programme, which is designed to support and reward Black creators. In our first month, we will be sharing $10,000 between the top creators who apply, and an additional $6,000 will be available for new applicants each month until the end of 2020. We are also offering six months of mentoring to all those who apply.

For detailed information about each fund:

Details of the Monthly Prize Fund

Details of the Black Creators’ Prize Fund and Mentoring Programme