Creators’ Programme: Data Collection and Privacy


While this page will at first glance look like a bunch of legalese, it’s actually all built around ensuring that you, the applicants of the programme, have appropriate understanding of the data we are collecting, why we are doing it, and the controls that you have around its storage.

Collected Data

When people join the Creators’ Programme they will be providing consent to Unit 2 Games (U2G) collecting the following data:

  • Personal Data: Full names, in-game/Discord names, and country of residence, approximate age. This information is used by U2G so that we know how to contact applicants in order to provide support, which server region they will be playing in, and their timezone.
  • Sensitive Data: U2G has a strong focus on being inclusive. Therefore if the customer chooses to provide information such as their ethnicity, sexual orientation, or health situation, we may choose to store this data in order to monitor the level of diversity in our community.
  • Background Data: During conversations with creators, U2G staff will be wanting to learn more about our creators’ backgrounds, including but not limited to: their education level, game-creation experience, levels of expertise in various disciplines (programming, art, design, audio, etc). U2G uses this information to better understand which tutorials are most appropriate for creators, given their background.
  • In-game Analytics: When people play and create in Crayta, we are collecting usage data, with the purpose of better understanding player behaviour, and improving Crayta, the product.

Please note that due to the collection of Sensitive and Personal Data we can only offer the Creators’ Programme to individuals aged 18 or older.

Providing Consent

When you join our Discord our bot will ask if you’d like to join our Creators’ Programme. If you agree you will be provided with a short survey. The survey clearly states that by completing it you are providing us with consent to store your data, and to use it solely for the purposes described above.

Please DO NOT fill in the survey if you are uncomfortable with us storing and acting upon the above types of collected data.

Storing your Data

All of the Creators’ Programme user data is stored in a securely backed up folder, with access restricted to those team members who need to act on your data.

The exception is the in-game analytics. This is stored in our secure data warehouse and can be accessed by all members of Unit 2 Games. However, ALL user data that is stored in the warehouse is ‘pseudonymised’, meaning that none of your Background, Personal, or Sensitive data (as described above) is ever stored in the data warehouse.

Duration of Storage

We will only store your data for as long as it is applicable for the purposes described above.

How we use your Data

We use your Creators’ Programme data in 2 ways:

  1. Supporting Future Creators: We want to gain far deeper understanding of the types of people who are interested in making games and experiences in Crayta, and what we should be offering in terms of support and training resources for them.
  2. Improving Crayta: We want to learn a lot more about what’s good and not-so-good when it comes to building in Crayta, so that we can improve our offering.

Your Right to have your Data Deleted

You have the right at any time to withdraw your consent from the Creators’ Programme, at which point we will remove your Personal, Sensitive, and Background Data.

To remove consent please create a support ticket with “Removal from Creators’ Programme” as the subject title.

The only way to have your in-game analytics removed is to invoke the GDPR “Right To Be Forgotten”, at which point your entire Crayta account and history will be deleted (in addition to the above data). You can do this by creating a ticket at the same URL as above, but with the Subject “GDPR Data Deletion Request”.