Crayta Tutorials

Making Games in Basic Mode

Use these tutorials to learn how to make games in Crayta using nothing more than your controller!

Obstacle Game Mini-series (Basic Mode)

A short series of tutorials guiding you through the steps in developing a full game, from start to finish, all in Basic Mode.

Learn to Program in Crayta

Let’s learn to code with keyboard and mouse! These tutorials introduce programming in Crayta, while also showing how game data is linked together and accessed via code.

Scripting Guides

When you’re up and running with coding games in Crayta, these guides provide specific and more advanced information.

Using Packages

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time you make a game in Crayta. Packages allow you to import large amounts of commonly-used features:

Level Creation

These articles introduce how to make game environments in Crayta, from beginner to advanced tips and tricks.

Publishing your Game

When you’re ready to share your game with the world, or if you’re looking to improve and promote your game within Crayta, make sure to check out these guides.