Crayta Spark

Crayta Spark is an evolution of our existing Prize Fund, but with much broader chances to win and with more influence from the U2G team.

The Crayta Spark programme will award up to $50,000 to creators each month.

Each month we’ll be giving out various bronze, silver and gold awards (worth $1k, $2.5K and $5k respectively) with no fixed limit, allowing us to reward whatever content deserves it. As a team we’ll judge all your published creations then highlight them in a monthly video.

Creations will be judged using a variety of other criteria, including in-game metrics, technical achievement, aesthetic quality, originality and collaborative elements.

Note: this means that the final month for the existing Prize Fund will be September 2021, with the last prizes awarded in early October as normal. Any projects that are published during the course of September will be eligible for the first month of Crayta Spark.

Key Information

Total Prize Pot

Up to $50,000 per month.

What can I earn?

Each month the following amounts can be awarded:

  • Bronze $1,000
  • Silver $2,500
  • Gold: $5,000

There will be no fixed number each month, allowing us to reward whatever we think deserves it, up to the limit of $50,000.

As with the current prize fund, individual creators can win multiple prizes each month, or share the prize money with any collaborators.

Prizes will be awarded for games, experiences and packages.

Who can take part?

Everyone who publishes a project as long as they’re over the age rating of the game in their territory, unless you’re part of either the Crayta Ignition or Crayta Lift-Off programme. All published games, experiences or packages will automatically be entered for consideration.

How will winners be calculated?

Each month we’ll take all the recently released and updated projects and whittle down the list by using a combination of the existing prize fund algorithm (total number of plays/uses x time spent in the project, where relevant) and a new set of assessment criteria, which will include the following:

  • Technical achievement
  • Aesthetic quality
  • Originality
  • Fun factor
  • Collaboration/community involvement

The U2G ‘judging panel’ (including members of our development team as well as the community team) will review everything, and between us we’ll assign bronze, silver or gold awards to the projects we all feel are most deserving.

How to collect your money

If you are a winner in the monthly Crayta Spark then you will receive a prompt at the companion site to provide us with a PayPal address. We cannot make payments using any other method at this time.

Will I have to pay tax or other charges on any money I receive?

As we’re a global product, it’s not possible for us to provide guidance on individual tax obligations – it’s up to each individual to establish their own tax liabilities. Unit 2 Games will also not be liable for any PayPal or other bank charges.

What’s expected of me?

Uphold our standard expectations for conduct, content and behaviour.

Keep publishing new projects that challenge you and entertain players.

Who is this best for?

Any new creators to Crayta who are still learning the ropes and honing their skills.

Existing creators who are happy building at their current pace.

Time-poor creators who want to improve their skills and earning potential but aren’t able or don’t want to commit to an ongoing amount of work or want to take the occasional break.