Crayta Ignition

Crayta Ignition is a monthly application/invite-only programme that allows more experienced and proficient creators to spread their wings or experiment without having to limit what they create in order to win something every month. You’ll be offered a 6-month contract at first and paid a monthly $3,000 to work on what you like (within reason!) and will also have lots of access to the U2G team to get feedback, help, and support as you grow your skills and hone your work.

Note that as we get this up and running, we won’t be filling all the places straight away. We’re planning to accept up to 5-6 creators per month for the first three months (from October 2021) and then ramp things up after that, so please be patient if you apply. Convince us you’re worthy of being included in the first batch of test-drivers!

Key Information

Total Prize Pot

Up to $100,000 per month

What can I earn?

$3,000 monthly (paid in arrears) for a guaranteed six months if you’re selected for the programme and have signed the contract.

Who can take part?

Anyone who has previously won at least one Prize Fund award or a Crayta Spark award can put themselves forward for consideration.

Creators can work together (and we encourage it!) but contracts will be with individual creators so if you want to work together at this level then make sure you both/all apply and let us know when you complete the form.

How will you decide who gets accepted?

The U2G team will review all applications and decide as a group based on your previous experience and the growth and potential you’ve demonstrated during your time in Crayta.

Skills and qualities we’ll consider include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Technical ability
  • Aesthetics
  • Originality
  • High engagement or retention for previous work
  • Collaboration/community involvement – are you a team player who helps others?
  • Growth and skills development already demonstrated
  • Creativity (either in terms of project style or execution, or creative ways to achieve something or solve a technical problem)

As the new programme rolls out we’ll be looking to see progression through the Crayta Spark awards too – perhaps you’ve picked up a couple of bronzes but are now regularly winning silvers or golds – that will show us that you’re heading on a path to Crayta Ignition.

What’s expected of me?

You’ll be contracted to be paid by us for at least six months so we’ll obviously expect you to keep displaying the skills and qualities that won you a place.

We’ll also be holding you to a higher standard than others in the community because we want you to be beacons that people aspire to emulate. Help other people, guide, advise, mentor, set an example and otherwise help us to keep things flowing their best in Discord and in-game.

Aside from that, we won’t be expecting you to maintain a specific deadline or set of deliverables for your projects, but we will expect to see progress, commitment, and a reasonable frequency of releases or updates,whether you’re making packages or games or something else entirely.

We’ll also want you to give us regular feedback along the way. We want to know how you’re finding learning in Crayta, what would make it better, how you’re getting on with the tools and features, and so on. We’ll be sending you regular mini ‘healthcheck’ surveys and speaking to you on Discord too so we expect you to engage with that side of things as well.

What support can I expect from U2G?

You’ll have access to a dedicated area on Discord where you can chat and compare notes with other members of the Ignition programme, you’ll have access to weekly group voice and/or video calls with members of the team, and you’ll have a dedicated POC (point of contact) here who will catch up with you one-to-one to make sure you’re doing OK and getting what you need.

Who is this best for?

Intermediate level creators who are looking to spread their wings creatively and/or work on larger projects outside of the month-to-month cadence of the prize fund/Crayta Spark.

Creators looking for a more predictable and reliable ‘side income’.

Creators who are active in our community on Discord and passionate about making Crayta and its community bigger and better.

How can I apply?

Applications are now open for April applications. In order to apply please fill in this form:

Crayta Ignition Application Form

Deadline for April submissions are Midnight BST Sunday 3rd April 2022. During the week of 4th – 8th April we will make the selection, and contracts will be sent to confirm acceptance shortly after the selection process is complete.

If you have previously applied for Crayta Ignition, and would still like to be considered, please fill in the form but you only need to mention any new information you’d like us to consider (since we already have your previous application info).