Prize Funds

Black Creators’ Prize Fund & Mentoring Programme

Update (17th February 2021): Excited to be able to extend the Black Creators’ Fund & Mentoring Programme until the end of May 2021. Welcoming new applications now!

Update (11th August 2020): Fantastic news that Stadia have now offered to match our Black Creators’ Prize Fund, bringing the total 2020 pot up to $40,000! Apply now for your chance to win, and to secure some career mentorship from experienced game developers.

As you can see from the original announcement, we’ll have $10,000 for July 2020, followed by another $6,000 each month until the end of the year, to support Black creators. We will also be offering six months of mentoring to everyone who applies (as long as they’re over 18 years old – see below).

Who can apply?

We obviously have no way to tell which creators qualify for this programme from within the game itself. We’re therefore asking those project owners who self-identify as Black to submit their work for consideration, regardless of the racial makeup of the rest of their team.

Can I apply more than once?

Unfortunately not. Our goal with this programme is to celebrate and amplify as many Black creators as we can, so we want to make sure that plenty of new voices have the chance to benefit from the programme as possible.

How and when do I apply?

Once you’ve published your game or other project within Crayta, you’ll simply need to complete this form to apply. We’ll review all applications we receive during each calendar month and select winners following that assessment.

How will winners be chosen?

All submissions will be reviewed by the Unit 2 Games team, and a variety of criteria will be considered, including innovation, ambition, popularity and fun! Importantly though, we’ll also be making judgements based on the potential we see in the work. We don’t want this programme to only favour those who are already flying high.

When will the winners be announced?

We’ll announce the winners via all our social media channels, Discord, the forum and in-game within seven days of the end of each calendar month, so by Friday 7th August for the first month. Winners will be notified via the email address provided during the submission process.

When and how will the winners receive their prize money?

We’ll contact each of the winners via the email provided in their application then arrange for money to be transferred via PayPal. The recipient of the money will be the person listed as the owner of the game within Crayta. If the project was worked on by a team, the game owner is responsible for how the money is shared. Payment will be made with 14 days of receiving PayPal details.

What if you don’t hear from the winners?

We’ll wait to hear back for 30 days, after which time the money will be rolled back into the prize fund pot.

How will the mentoring programme work and when will mentoring start?

We’ll review the mentoring priorities that each applicant provides, then assess which areas we are most able to support. We’ll then match applicants up with one or more mentors from Unit 2 Games and arrange directly with them to deliver appropriate and effective support.

This could take the form of: one-to-one conversations via Discord (voice if possible and/or preferred) or email; group sessions to discuss common topics, via Discord and/or in-game if relevant; sharing of relevant training resources or career opportunities; specific in-game lessons/tutorial sessions.

It will take us some time to put a plan together for each person but we aim to start the mentoring during the month following each individual’s win.

Will I have to pay tax on any money I win?

As we’re a global product, it’s not possible for us to provide guidance on individual tax obligations – it’s up to each individual to establish their own tax liabilities. Unit 2 Games will also not be liable for any PayPal or other bank charges.

Why can under 18s not get mentoring?

We’d love to be able to support mentoring for under 18s but as much of this support is likely to be one-to-one, we have limited the programme for safeguarding and child protection reasons.

We reserve the right to not allocate a prize to a game. (We’ve included this condition, which hopefully we will never have to use, e.g. in case someone explicitly rigs the system.)

Our decision regarding any aspect of the prize fund is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into about it.

NOTE: These prize funds and mentoring programmes are run by Unit 2 Games and funded by both Unit 2 Games and Stadia.

The prize fund will be governed by English law and entrants to the prize draw submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.