Basic Tutorials

Adding and managing leaderboards


1. – In the Advanced Mode editor (Press [TAB] on keyboard) go to the “Game” tab on the right to access your game’s settings

2. – Find the “Leaderboards” section, and press the + button to add a new leaderboard

3. – Fill out the leaderboard details:

  • Id – A short, generally lowercase version of your name to use in code
  • Display name – The user-facing name of the leaderboard
  • Ordering – Either highest entries to lowest, or the opposite
  • Reset period – Can be Daily, Weekly, Monthly or None
  • Score type – Either Number for scores, or Time for races etc
  • Display Index – Which order the leaderboard should appear in your game details (0 would show first, then 1, then 2 etc)
  • Hidden – Whether this leaderboard is visible to players or not