Prize Funds

$25,000 Monthly Prize Fund

How will the winners be calculated?

For both fund pots we combine the total unique plays and total time spent in the games to come up with a single ranked value. The calculation will be as follows:

  1. Normalise the total unique plays to the range 0-1, by taking the game with the most unique plays, setting it to 1, and dividing every other individual game’s total unique plays by this maximum value.
  2. Normalise the total time played to the range 0-1 using the same approach
  3. Add the two results to make a single score for every game, and rank them from high to low

Top Games: Calculated using an equal combination of total unique plays and total time spent in the games, calculated at the end of the calendar month. We’ll use the figures as at midnight PST on the last day of each month – so on Friday 30th July for the first month.

Top New Games (starting August 2020): At the end of each month, we’ll assess every game whose 30th day from the game’s initial publication falls within that calendar month, and rank it on unique plays and total time spent in that game. The top five ranked games will win. (Please note that when we calculate the Top New Games at the end of August, we will also include games published on our launch day, 1st July.)

The amounts for each are as follows:A table showing prize fund breakdown. Top Games start at $5k and go down to $1k, while the 5 top new games get $2k apiece.

Can anyone win?

Almost! No Unit 2 Games staff or their families, or selected contractors, are eligible, and developers who worked with us on the Indie Fund programme are ineligible for the first two months of the Fund (as they were all paid for two months of work in the production of their games originally). Anyone else whose project hits the criteria will be eligible, as long as they are old enough to play the game in the territory where they live (i.e. 12 or above in North America, 13 or above in PEGI regions, 16 or above in Germany), and their project contains no inappropriate content as per Crayta’s Terms of Service.

When will the winners be announced?

We’ll announce the winners via all our social media channels, Discord, the forum and in-game within 7 days from the end of the month. Winners will be notified on logging in to the companion site and prompted to provide their payment details.

Note: we previously stated that winners would be announced the following working day after calculating the figures, however that proved to be too tight to pull everything together so we’re giving ourselves a little more breathing room!

When and how will the winners receive their prize money?

Each winner will be required to sign into our companion site using their Stadia login details, and provide us with their PayPal address. We will then arrange for the money to be transferred. The recipient of the money will be the person who is the owner of the game within Crayta. If the project was worked on by a team, the game owner is responsible for how the money is shared. Payment will be made with 14 days of receiving PayPal details.

What if you don’t hear from the winners?

We’ll wait to hear back for 30 days, after which time the money will be rolled back into the prize fund pot.

Will I have to pay tax or other charges on any money I win?

As we’re a global product, it’s not possible for us to provide guidance on individual tax obligations – it’s up to each individual to establish their own tax liabilities. Unit 2 Games will also not be liable for any PayPal or other bank charges.

We reserve the right to not allocate a prize to a game. (We’ve included this condition, which hopefully we will never have to use, e.g. in case someone explicitly rigs the system.)

NOTE: These prize funds and mentoring programmes are run and funded by Unit 2 Games, and are not connected to Google Stadia in any way.

The prize fund will be governed by English law and entrants to the prize draw submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.